BurnsOffroad Privacy Policy

Effective date: April 7, 2017

Your privacy is very important to us. Please read how BurnsOffroad processes information. But first we would like you to read about our fundamental privacy protection principles.

  • Your privacy is very important to us and we keep this in mind when we process your information.

  • We do not disclose personal information without your consent, except in cases where it is necessary in order to comply with the law, develop products and services or protect our rights.

  • Depending on your privacy settings, information you send to or post on BurnsOffroad may be seen by others.

  • We collect and anonymize information about our members for working purposes.

  • We provide different ways for you to manage the privacy of your personal information and we are constantly working to improve the features available to you.

BurnsOffroad respects your privacy and cares for the security of information that you send to BurnsOffroad websites and related mobile apps and services (collectively referred to as the “Services”). Our privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) explains which information we collect, how we use and protect it, how to access and update your information, and how to manage the privacy settings while using the Services. This Policy is written in English. If the translated version conflicts with the English version, the latter shall prevail.

If you have any questions and comments connected with this Privacy Policy, please write to:

120 Baker Street,
London, England W1U 6TU
Attn: Legal

Information Collected by BurnsOffroad

BurnsOffroad collects information about you, including your personally identifiable information, if you decide to share it with BurnsOffroad, register an account, track, travel around or download routes by using the Services. BurnsOffroad also collects information on how you use the Services. There are several ways of sharing information with BurnsOffroad about you and your trips, including your name, physical address, e-mail address, gender, age, equipment used, trips, routes (including dates, time and location-based information, as well as speed and pace), profile photo and other photos. You can also send comments, prizes and other content for shared viewing. In addition, BurnsOffroad will collect your credit card details and other payment details if you decide to subscribe to BurnsOffroad Premium (premium subscription).

If you want to use the Services’ location-based functions, you agree that information will be collected on the physical location of your device. BurnsOffroad may also collect and send information from your device, such as speed and direction of travel. To disable our use of certain location-based information, deactivate Location Services in your device or browser.

You can use the Services to access information about your contacts, communicate with them in BurnsOffroad or send them information about your trips by using BurnsOffroad. If you want to use these functions, BurnsOffroad will refer to the information about your contacts and save it. You can delete the information about your contacts by updating your privacy settings on https://BurnsOffroad.com/settings/privacy or updating the permission settings for your device.

BurnsOffroad allows you to register with the Services and log in using accounts created in third-party products and services, such as Facebook and Google (collectively referred to as “Third-Party Accounts”). Third-Party Accounts may ask you for permission to transfer certain information from such an account to BurnsOffroad. This information is used to identify you and provide you the features of our products and services. It may include your name and surname, e-mail address, profile information and preferences in the relevant Third-Party Account. This information is collected by the Third-Party Account supplier and is provided to BurnsOffroad based on its Privacy Policy. You can manage the information that we receive from these sources by using the privacy settings on the Third-Party Account. You can deactivate your account at any time by visiting https://BurnsOffroad.com/settings/privacy .

When you make a payment on our payment page, we may collect information about you to process the payment in accordance with the established procedure. This personal information may include your name, address, telephone, e-mail address, credit card details and payment amount. We use third-party payment services that are certified by the payment card industry and that do not store your credit card details.

How We Collect and Keep Information

BurnsOffroad collects information provided by you. When you register and accept our service terms and conditions, you will provide personal information – your name and e-mail address. You can also send routes with location-based data, such as a trip, to the Services. You can publish photos and communicate with other users. You can also provide additional personal or payment information to complete your user profile or make purchases.

BurnsOffroad automatically collects different technical information, including information about your location, device and network, as well as cookies, log files and analysis services data.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

When you visit the Services, a cookie is created on your computer. This means that the computer is assigned a unique number that has no meaning outside BurnsOffroad. BurnsOffroad cookies do not contain any personal identification information; BurnsOffroad uses them to personalize interaction with you. BurnsOffroad may also use cookies to select content according to the interests of its users. After entering your username and password during a session in the Services, this information is saved so that you do not need to enter it again during such a session. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. If you don’t agree to having information collected through cookies or other tracking technologies, set the relevant options in your browser or mobile device. Information on how to delete and disable cookies and other tracking and recording tools can be found in the help section of your browser or mobile device. Please contact us if you have any questions about how to disable cookies and other tracking and recording tools. If you disable cookies, some of the features of the Services may not be available to you. BurnsOffroad may use the user’s IP address to identify it, manage the Services and diagnose problems with BurnsOffroad servers.

Log Files

The Services use log files. Information such as IP addresses, browser, Internet service provider (ISP), visited pages and exit pages, platform, date-time stamp, and number of mouse clicks is saved in them. This information is used to analyze trends, administer the Services, generalize conversion tracking of users and collect general demographic data for integrated use. IP addresses and other data may be bound to the identifiers of the session, athlete and device.

Analysis Services

BurnsOffroad uses the services of third-party analysis suppliers to understand how the Services are used and how to improve them.

Data Collection from Children

BurnsOffroad is not intended for use by children under 13 years old. BurnsOffroad does not specially collect such information. Please contact us at support@burnsoffroad.com if you think that we might accidentally receive such information.

Third Parties

Over the course of time, when using the Services, BurnsOffroad may collect personally identifiable information about your trips from third-party websites and online services. We may receive additional information about you from third parties, such as marketing specialists, partners, researchers, etc. We may combine the information received from you with the information from such third parties and from any other of our subscriptions, products or services.

BurnsOffroad always gives you the freedom to manage privacy and information exchange. However, BurnsOffroad does not recognize tracking prohibition signals (Do Not Track) and does not respond to them, as the internet industry has not yet finalized such standards, implementation and solutions. Detailed information about such signals can be found on https://allaboutdnt.com.

About Information Use

BurnsOffroad mainly uses collected information to administer and ensure the operation of the Services. In addition, based on your information, we analyze, develop and improve the Services. Your information may also be used to sell services, issue loans, accept payments, provide support for the Services, protect users, ensure compliance with the Service Conditions, increase security and communicate with you. Your information may be transferred to third parties in instances described below.

How Information is Disclosed

Exchange of Information and Training Data

Depending on your privacy settings, you can share information, including your profile, user name, photos, users whose posts you read and who read your posts, clubs you belong to, your trips and awards, and comments you give and get. You can invite your contacts to view your location and trips with the use of BurnsOffroad or otherwise. If you connect your BurnsOffroad account with other social media and share your trips, they will be available for viewing outside the Services. If you share your location information or publish it through third parties, this information may become available to unauthorized persons. You should be careful when you share information with third parties and carefully study their privacy protection methods.

Publicly Available Information

Depending on your privacy settings, your information and content may be publicly available.

Third-Party Business through API and Other Types of Integration

When you use third-party applications, plug-ins or websites that integrate with the Services, they can get your information and content, including personal information, photos and information about your routes (including private ones). Information collected by such third parties is governed by their terms and conditions and policies. BurnsOffroad is not responsible for the terms and conditions or policies of third parties.

Data Exchange with BurnsOffroad

We may transfer your information and content to divisions in BurnsOffroad to ensure the operation of the Services and to improve and promote them.

Service Providers

We may share your information with third parties that provide services to BurnsOffroad: that support, improve and advertise the Services, process payments or implement orders. Such service providers will only have access to the information necessary to perform these restricted functions under our instructions and will undertake to protect your information. We may also instruct such service providers to collect information about your use of the Services over time, so that we or they can advertise BurnsOffroad or display information reflecting your interests in the Services or on other websites and services.

Affiliated Persons and Purchasers of our Business or Assets

We may disclose your information to our affiliated persons under joint control; such persons shall also comply with the provisions of this Privacy Policy related to your information. We may inform you if BurnsOffroad participates in company consolidation, securities offerings, bankruptcy, reorganization, liquidation or other similar operations.

Collected and Anonymized Information

BurnsOffroad may change, anonymize and collect information, data, texts, software, audio, photos, graphics, video, messages, tags and other materials provided by you in the Services (the “Content”) in such a way that they do not identify you and do not contain personally identifiable information. Such summarized information or statistical data includes information about equipment and its use, demographic information, route information, information about indicators and biometric information. BurnsOffroad may use, sell, license and transfer this information to third parties for the purpose of research, business operations or for other purposes. If you publicly provide information or content in the Services, such information, even in generalized form, is available for public viewing and can be associated with you.

Upon Agreement

We have the right to disclose your information if you (i) authorize us to do so or (ii) otherwise consent to such disclosure.

Legal Requirements

We may disclose your information to third parties, including law enforcement authorities, state institutions or government bodies, and individual counterparts, whether they are in or outside your country of residence, if we find out that such disclosure is reasonably required in order to comply with the law, as well as to respond to court orders or summons and other legal or regulatory processes. We may disclose your information if we discover that such disclosure is reasonably required to prevent death or serious injury to a person, settle issues of national security or other issues of social importance, prevent or reveal violation of our Service Conditions, fraud or abuse in relation to BurnsOffroad or its users, protect our activities, property or other legal rights, including through information disclosure to our legal adviser or other advisers and third parties in terms of current or potential legal proceedings.

DMCA Notification

We may disclose your information to third parties and forward notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that are sent to them in their original forms, without deleting any information.

Unforeseen Information Disclosure

Your personally identifiable information may be disclosed to third parties in unforeseen situations that cannot be prevented even if commercially reasonable protection tools are available, for example, in the event of a hacker or any other attack on BurnsOffroad or the Services.

About Information Protection

We have taken a number of measures for protecting information collection, transfer and storage processes. These stages depend on the privacy of collected, processed and stored data. Although we try to take reasonable measures to protect your information in terms of its privacy, we do not guarantee the complete security of information transferred by you and we are not responsible for theft, destruction or accidental disclosure of your information or content. No system has 100% protection. The Services use the industry standard technology, the SSL protocol that encrypts personal information and credit card numbers. To improve the security of the Services, BurnsOffroad uses an industry leader in the field of internet security and service verification. The Services are registered in website identification centers, so that the browser can confirm the trustworthiness of BurnsOffroad before sending information that identifies you. In addition, BurnsOffroad’s secure servers protect such information using an advanced firewall.

To ensure that these measures for preventing unauthorized access to personal information work efficiently, you should be familiar with your browser’s security features. You should use a secure browser when sending credit card details and other personal information to the Services. Remember that if you use a browser that does not support the SSL protocol, you put your information at risk.

Most browsers are able to notify you when you switch between secure and unsecure modes, when incorrect website identification information for the used Services is received and when information is sent through an unsecure channel. BurnsOffroad recommends that you activate these alert functions for your protection. You can also look at the URL address of the Services (secure addresses begins with https:// instead of http://) and the secure browser symbol. This will help you determine whether the server is secure or unsecure. You can also view the website security certificate, which contains detailed information about the used Services. We recommend that you always check the authenticity of the Services certificate with the secure connection.

How to Change Privacy Settings

BurnsOffroad offers several features and options that enable you to manage privacy settings and posts about your training. Most privacy settings are available on the relevant page, but some of them refer only to certain training activities or athletes. Training activities in BurnsOffroad can be made private. Please visit https://BurnsOffroad.com/settings/privacy to view privacy settings.

Updating Account Information

You may at any time correct, supplement or delete inaccurate information sent to the account by changing it in the account settings. If you need help, please contact BurnsOffroad at support@burnsoffroad.com. BurnsOffroad usually responds to inquiries within 7–10 working days.

Deleting Information and Account Deactivation

You may request the deletion of personally identifiable information by contacting support@burnsoffroad.com. Deactivated accounts, trips and places in the leaderboard cannot be restored.

Note that the content you share with others (for example, through the Clubs) or that is copied by others may be displayed even after you close your account or have deleted such content from your own profile. In addition, you cannot always read, correct or delete information about yourself that was copied to the Services or exported from them by other users or third parties. Your public profile may be displayed in the search system results until the cache is refreshed.

Other BurnsOffroad Websites

BurnsOffroad operates several websites available outside https://burnsoffroad.com, for example, https://burnsoffroad.com/blog (collectively referred to as the “Other Websites”). The Other Websites have the same style as the Services but are located with third party services providers with their own conditions and privacy policies. When you interact with the Other Websites, your information may be stored, processed or transferred outside the Services. When you interact with the Other Websites, you agree to comply with the conditions, provisions and policies applicable to such websites. You should remember that any personally identifiable information sent to the Other Websites may be viewed, collected or used by other participants of such forums for an unlimited period of time, including for sending you spam. BurnsOffroad is not responsible for personally identifiable information that you send through the Other Websites.

Information about the Privacy Policy

If BurnsOffroad amends its Privacy Policy, its updated version will be promptly published in the Services. In the event of major amendments, an explicit notice will be sent. BurnsOffroad reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. If you do not agree to any amendment to the Privacy Policy, you may cease to use the Services and deactivate your account. You agree with such amendments if you use the Services after you receive a notice of amendments or if it was published in the Services.

Functioning in Europe

The Services are provided from Europe. If you are situated outside Europe and want to use the Services or provide information to us, it will be transferred, processed and kept in Europe. European privacy laws may provide less protection than the laws in your region. You acknowledge and agree with this practice.

Statement of Waiver

BurnsOffroad makes every effort to protect your personal information. However, no single method for transferring information through the internet is absolutely secure. Therefore, BurnsOffroad cannot guarantee the security of any information that you transfer. Personal information is transferred at your own risk.

Information Storage

We store information until we need it for our work. Information about you that is not required anymore will be de-identified and/or securely destroyed. In addition, we may keep information from closed accounts in accordance with the law to prevent fraud, collect charges, settle disputes, resolve problems, help in investigations, ensure compliance with the Service Conditions and perform other actions permitted by the law. Stored information will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

After the account is deleted, the following personal information will be unlinked from it and deleted: e-mail address, name, address and profile proto (if any). Information about the Third Party Account will be unlinked from your account immediately. All your training activities and cumulative awards will be de-identified, closed and will no longer be connected with your personal information. Your comments will be deleted and your account will be disconnected from all clubs you joined before. We may keep the removal record for 30 days after the account is deleted. In addition, we may keep system logs that can be connected with your account for 30 days after it is deleted.

After your account is deleted, we may keep location-based information to improve the Services. After your account is deleted, such information cannot be viewed by other users. It will not be linked to your name or other identifiers.