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In this section you'll find information about yourself, including personal data and your adventure statistics. Your profile looks just like other people's profiles.

Apart from the standard information, you'll be able to see the following:

  • Status, which is automatically calculated by a complex algorithm. Ride, travel, grow. The higher your status, the more people will want to travel with you.
  • In the History section, you'll be able to see all the meetups and rides the user has participated in.
  • Statistics gathered on all the trips taken with our application. Even deleting your ride won't affect the statistics.
  • Location shows where you ride. Thanks to it, you'll find it easier to find fellow travelers in your region.
  • Age – some want mature teammates, while others like to ride with younger people. Note your age to find the best group of people to travel with.
  • Type of vehicle – your iron horse.

You can find friends in the Friends section.

We've also added an automatic friend-finding algorithm. It will suggest friends you may know.

The Friends section consists of two subsections: Friends and Requests.
Friends has a list of all your friends in the application.

Requests has a list of all your incoming and outgoing friend requests.

To find new friends, press the search bar in the upper screen and enter your friend's first or last name or nickname.

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