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In this section you can find someone to ride with on the weekend or to head on a big adventure with.

The section is divided into three subsections:
Rides, Adventures, and Map.


Rides are weekend meetups. In this section you can quickly find those who are traveling near you in the next few days or organize your own ride to go wherever you'd like.
All the rides are sorted by start date in the list, putting the closest dates at the top.

Rides vary in:
  • Privacy:
    • Private – only those who've been invited by the organizer can see the ride.
    • Friends only – all the organizer's friends can see the ride.
    • Public – seen by all users.
  • Difficulty Levels:
    • green – easy routes that lie across even territories and don't include difficult obstacles. Good for beginners and family rides.
    • yellow – moderate difficulty. You may encounter fords or swamps on your way, and the route may lie across wooded or mountainous terrain. Good for experienced travelers.
    • red – difficult routes that lie across mountains, dangerous winding roads, and nearly impenetrable woods. Good for those who like extreme travel and travelers with a lot of experience.
  • The type of vehicle you can ride on (backlit in orange).

  • Companions. The first number lists how many people have already confirmed their participation, while the second shows the maximum limit. If the first number is replaced by a "-" sign, that means that no one has confirmed their participation in the ride yet, whereas if that symbol has replaced the second number, that means that the number of participants is unlimited.

Creating a Ride

To create your own ride, press the symbol in the lower left corner and fill out all the mandatory spaces: the name and privacy of your meetup, its approximate difficulty level, possible vehicle types, as well as the start time, date, and place. In addition, you can note the following parameters:

  • in distance – the approximate length of the trip to give people a better understanding of your ride;
  • a limit on the number of participants in your meetup;
  • anything else you would like to add can be written in the description;
  • photos that will only increase people's desire to join you :-)

To save the ride, press the checkbox in the upper right corner. If you have changed your mind, just press the back arrow in the upper left corner.


  • To gather your friends faster, send them invites, even if your ride is public.
  • Post your ride on social networks or share it via any application on your phone. This can be done by pressing the Share button in the ride's social block.


This section is meant for professional riders. Here you can find a professional to join you on a big adventure.

Only an authorized BurnsOffroad user can organize an adventure. To become authorized, email xmm@burnsoffroad.com telling us where you're from and what your off-road travel experience is.


In the Map subsection, you can see all the rides and adventures in marker form:

  • an orange marker is the starting point for a ride;
  • a blue marker is the starting point for an adventure.

To get more detailed information, click on the marker, and brief information on the marker will open below. Pressing on it will take you to the meetup card.


For your convenience, we've created filters so that you can quickly set meetup visibility based on parameters that interest you:

  • Country – select the country you need. Only countries with organized meetups are shown in the list.
  • Type of Vehicle – set the type of vehicle you'd like to travel in.
  • Difficulty Level – pick the difficulty level you'd like to see.
  • Past Meetups – here you can set past ride visibility in your list. Overall, all the past meetups you participated in will be backlit in grey and go to the bottom of the list, while meetups you did not participate in will be deleted from the list.

The filter is unified for all subsections: Rides, Adventures, and Map.

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