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Welcome to BurnsOffroad!

We're happy you've decided to join BurnsOffroad – a community of people who love off-road adventures. Now that you've signed up, you can start traveling off-road with the help of our navigation, find friends for joint adventures, exchange trails, and socialize.

  1. Complete your profile

    The more complete your profile, the easier it will be for your friends to find you. You can complete your profile in Settings.

  2. Link Social Networks

    Link FaceBook, Vkontakte, and G+ and invite friends who don't have the application yet to travel together. After all, it's more fun with others. This can be done in Settings -> Invite.

  3. Find your friends

    If your friends are already using the application, go to the Friends section and enter your friend's first and last name in the search bar.

  4. All set!

    You're done! You're ready to go on a meetup! You can go to the Meetups section to see who is riding near you next weekend and join them. You can also create your own ride and invite your friends to ride in your spots.

Just Ride

If you'd like to take a trip alone, just go to the Navigations section. There you'll find convenient maps with trails for rides. Don't forget to record your route so you can share it with friends later.

Tell everyone – BurnsOffroad has implemented a convenient function of
sending your rides and meetups to social networks. Ride and share new undiscovered places with your friends

For Experienced Riders

If you already have trails in GPX, KML, or KMZ files, you can upload them to BurnsOffroad. Log onto your account on https://my.burnsoffroad.com into Map Designer. You'll find an import trail button there. Add any number of trails and they will be synchronized with the mobile application.

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