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All the routes you create or import are kept in the Routes tab and synchronized with the server, meaning you will never lose them and can access them both from the mobile application and through the online service by logging onto the https://my.burnsoffroad.com website.

Route List

The route list includes:

  • all the routes saved in the application;
  • all the routes imported with Route Designer;
  • all the routes created with Route Designer;
  • all the routes received from your friends.

The list includes brief information on each route. Only data on the first ride are shown here. Information on the other rides can be seen in the route card.

Privacy shows who can see this route. The following privacy levels are available:

  • Private – only you and those you've shared the route with can see it.
  • Friends – all your friends can see the route if they go to the History section of your profile.
  • Public – accessible to everyone.

Route difficulty is marked by its level:

  • green – easy routes that lie across even territories and don't include difficult obstacles. Good for beginners and family rides.
  • yellow – moderate level of difficulty. You may encounter fords or swamps on your way, and the route may lie across wooded or mountainous terrain. Good for experienced travelers.
  • red – difficult routes that lie across mountains, dangerous winding roads, and nearly impenetrable woods. Good for those who like extreme travel and travelers with a lot of experience.

Type of Transport is backlit depending on how this route was traveled. Each ride on a new vehicle adds a new icon type, confirming that this route can be completed on this type of transport.

Route Card

If you click on the route in the list you'll be taken to the route card, where you can find more detailed information on the route and its rides.

List of photos in a convenient turntable. Photos from all the ride tags for this map end up here.

Only the route is shown on the trail card preview.

In the ride list, you'll see all the rides of all the users that have access to this route and have taken it.

Each route has its own social block for pleasant activity and socializing.

The route is updated as information on all rides along it is added. If the route's author shared it with other BurnsOffroad authors and they added new rides with tags as they went through it, all the new information will be added to the overall route.

Share Route


You can share a route with any user by clicking the icon in the social block.

You can also forward and show your routes to any user in the most popular social networks, as well as share the route link to any application on your phone or send it by email or text.

Likes and Comments

Rate the routes your friends share with you: like and comment. Other BurnsOffroad companions who can see your routes can also rate and comment on them.

If a route that's new to you has many likes, it's probably worth going for a ride and sharing your experience with your friends!

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